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Flaw Detection
Ship hull inspection is a set of procedures including: visual inspection, measurement of residual hull thicknesses, detection of defects in hull structures, preparation of documentation and determination of the scope of work to restore worn areas.

In accordance with the Class rules, all ships undergo periodic surveys of hull structures: annual, intermediate, special, to establish the technical condition of the hull. When comparing the results and the requirements for the class, a conclusion is made about the suitability of the vessel for navigation and the need for repair.

Specialists of SpeсMorService carry out fault detection of hull structures, thickness measurements and develop recommendations for repair.
Based on certificates of classification societies: RMRS, RRR, NKK, RINA, BUREAU VERITAS.

flaw detection services



We raise the ship out of the water, put it in the dock on slipways. We divide the vessel into sections from the outside, number the frames, select the thickness measurement points, and prepare the surface.
vessel preparation


We are inspecting the ship’s hull. By the method of visual control, we reveal surface defects, deviations from the specified geometric dimensions and shapes. We check the condition of welds, cladding and hull structures.
visual inspection


We measure the thickness using ultrasonic devices, determine the depth of the dents and the degree of wear of structural parts. We examine the hull from bow to stern horizontally, from the keel to the peak point vertically. Thus, the chance of missing damage is minimized.
thickness measurement


We compare the identified characteristics with the normative ones and generate the documentation:

  • Tables of measurements, on the basis of which the technical condition of the sections of the hull is determined
  • A drawing depicting the outer skin, on which defects are indicated by symbols: damage, dents, worn parts, elements requiring replacement.
  • Flaw detection report – a consolidated document signed by the commission that examined the ship and the Register employee.


Inspection of hull structures with thickness measurement in the pre-repair period gives an understanding of the upcoming volumes of metal replacement, reducing the time for repairing the ship in the dock and saving the customer’s money.

Contact SpetsMorService and get the service of thickness measurement on your vessel with high quality, professionally, turnkey
Fault detection and repair is carried out on the basis of relevant certificates.
SpecMorService is recognized by the RUSSIAN MARITIME REGISTER OF SHIPPING, RUSSIAN RIVER REGISTER OF SHIPPING, Nippon Kaiji Kiokay, BUREAU VERITAS, RINA Services S.p.A as a provider of services for the ship repair, fault detection and survey of ship hulls and ship equipment.
International certification
Specmorservice  is the only company at the North-West of the Russian Federation certified by the international classification society NKK for carrying out work on  fault detection and thickness measurements .
Nippon Kaiji Kiokay
SpeсMorService is certified by the international classification society RINA Services S.p.A. and recognized as an approved facility for thickness measurements and fault detection.
View the Certificate
View the Certificate
Certified by the Dutch classification society Bureau Veritas for thickness measurement and fault detection of hulls.
Certified by the RUSSIAN RIVER REGISTER OF SHIPPING for carrying out ship repair work, fault detection of hulls and ship equipment.
View the Certificate
View the Certificate
SpecMorService is recognized by the RUSSIAN MARITIME REGISTER OF SHIPPING as a provider of ship repair, fault detection and survey.
SpeсMorService is recognized by the RMRS as an enterprise carrying out re-equipment, modernization and repair of ships, hull structures, etc.
View the Certificate
View the Certificate
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