Initial Survey of the Ship


Initial Survey of Ship
Initial survey is a comprehensive check of the ship's condition and its compliance with national and international safety requirements, and carried out by surveyors from classification societies on behalf of the ship's flag state before the equipment or system is put into service.

The initial survey includes an assessment of the structural integrity of the vessel, equipment and safety systems, and compliance with the SOLAS convention.

Based on the results of the survey, the vessel is assigned an individual registration number and appropriate documents are issued. A ship that does not meet the requirements of the controlling organization cannot be operated until the necessary work has been carried out to eliminate the identified problems.

If the shipowner fails to pass the survey, the ship is removed from the classification register and requires setting if its further operation is planned.

Content of the Initial Survey


Review of plans, diagrams, specifications, calculations and any other form of technical documentation to ensure that the ship, its machinery and equipment are in accordance with the requirements of the certificate.



Inspection of the structure, machinery and equipment for compliance of materials, dimensions, structures and devices with approved plans, diagrams, specifications, calculations and other technical documentation. Inspection to ensure that the quality of workmanship and installation is satisfactory in every respect.

compliance with plans


Verification that all certificates, logbooks, operating manuals and other instructions and documents for a particular certificate have been delivered on board the vessel.

The request for initial survey must be accompanied by plans and designs, as required by the Administration or class society, as the case may be, and the following items:

  • information about the ship itself;
  • any requested exceptions;
  • any additional unique requirements.

Keep Your Ship Initial Survey-Ready With SpecMorService

Contact SpecMorService and get the high quality range of services of preparing the vessel for initial survey.

We carry out inspection and flaw detection of structures, mechanisms and system. We eliminate of deficiencies that may become an obstacle to the operation of the vessel, prepare the necessary documentation, assistance in passing the survey.

Founded in 2011, SpecMorService has continually built up an excellent reputation with our customers and we provide high quality services, doing the job right the time, and standing behind our work. We have fostered long-lasting relationships around the world, based on professionalism, competency quality, and trust.
Fault detection and repair is carried out on the basis of relevant certificates.
SpecMorService is recognized by the RUSSIAN MARITIME REGISTER OF SHIPPING, RUSSIAN RIVER REGISTER OF SHIPPING, Nippon Kaiji Kiokay, BUREAU VERITAS, RINA Services S.p.A as a provider of services for the ship repair, fault detection and survey of ship hulls and ship equipment.
International certification
Specmorservice  is the only company at the North-West of the Russian Federation certified by the international classification society NKK for carrying out work on  fault detection and thickness measurements .
Nippon Kaiji Kiokay
SpeсMorService is certified by the international classification society RINA Services S.p.A. and recognized as an approved facility for thickness measurements and fault detection.
View the Certificate
View the Certificate
Certified by the Dutch classification society Bureau Veritas for thickness measurement and fault detection of hulls.
Certified by the RUSSIAN RIVER REGISTER OF SHIPPING for carrying out ship repair work, fault detection of hulls and ship equipment.
View the Certificate
View the Certificate
SpecMorService is recognized by the RUSSIAN MARITIME REGISTER OF SHIPPING as a provider of ship repair, fault detection and survey.
SpeсMorService is recognized by the RMRS as an enterprise carrying out re-equipment, modernization and repair of ships, hull structures, etc.
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View the Certificate
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